Marland Ultimate, Charlie

Now Marland Ultimate has been 6 ½ month, he has been to several training lessons, and he has been groomed several times. He is so happy, curious and willing to learn, he is really a funny chap working with, we both enjoy it.

He has been at 2 shows in June in Vejen, International dogshow, and both days we had terriespecialist as judges, saturday Mette Sørum and sunday Kevin Brown, he shoed his socks off and both day he got exellent critiques.


Charlie 270618 2


Haarlev 060518 Marland Ultimate

Haarlev the 6. of maj 2018, national show. Judge John E. Madden


Charlie as he is called at home, was at his first show in the puppy class at the national show in Danish Terrier Club, he enjoyed it very much.

                                                                                                                      charlie rundt i ringen

charlie står for dommeren


Marland Ultimate, Charlie

Marland Ultimate, born 15.12.2017, (father: Lider of Bumage, mother: Marland Nota Bene)


My friends Inge and Sten Asboe, had to say goodbye to their eldest scottie in the winter 2017, so they contacted me, and said that they would like to have a new little scottie male, and asked me if we could make the same arrangement as we did with Perhaps Savage Garden, whom I groomed and handled for several years and made him an International Champion. Inge and I were together in Finlad to pick him out, a wonderfull journy.

This time I've been looking at a litter in Estland, kennel Marland by Viive Maranik. We have been at messenger and Viive has send some pictures, but it is difficult to look at puppies. So we arranged a meeting and in February we visited Viive in Estland looking at a wonderfull litter. It was not easy to choose, but at last we decided that little Marland Ultimate should travel with us back to Denmark.

I'm so happy and proud, that Inge and Sten allow me to groom and handle this little boy, I've already lost my heart to him.

first grooming

Hjemmesiden Marland Ultimate

Dansk Terrier Klub 7. & 8. april

Day 2 at the national dogshow in Billund. Judge Steven Seymour

We just change: Filisite Brash Why alone star won BOB and Nicla Zeta Juno Azumi won BOS


Zumo 080418




Wonderfull results from the national show in Billund, Danish Terrier Club. Judge Sean Knight

Nicla Zeta Juno Azumi won BOB and BIS 4......Filisite Brash Why Alone Star won BOS


Billund 070418 BIS 4 Zumo

Kristianssand Int. dogshow

New International Champion


Shortly after our trip to Crufts, I went to International dogshow in Kristianssand, Norway, hoping for th last CACIB for Filisite Brash Why Alone Star.

I was together with good friends, and Why did it, she got the last CACIB after 1year and 1 day and she can now put the title International Champion on her CV. I was really happy and proud.

                                                                                                                                  Kristianssand together with good friends

Kristianssand hjemmesiden                 

Crufts 2018

Crufts 2018, the worlds largest dogshow....and I was there for the 3. time with dogs, it is a fantastic experience and also unforgettable. To participate the dogs have to be qualified, and so did both Filisite Brash Why alone Star and Nicla Zeta Juno Azumi.

115 scotties entered for judge Mrs. Falconer.

I'm still totally overwhelmed

Nicla Zeta Juno Azumi entered Post Graduate Clas, and was second best. I'm so proud and happy, he showed his socks off.


original Zumo nr 2 Post Graduate Kopi

           Zumo Post Graduate Crufts 2018










 and Filisite Brash Why Alone Star entered Open Class and was placed as number 4. It was marvellous.   You can read more in my little story about my trip to Birmingham, but it is only in danish :-)


Filisite brash why Alone Star høj beskåret juli 17 Kopi

                         IMG 20180309 154556





Marland Ultimate

My friends Inge and Sten Asbo have lost one of their scotties and have asked me for help, choosing a new little scottie to the family. I have contacted Viive Maranik, kennel Marland in Estonia, she had a litter of nice puppies with an interesting pedigree. So on the 15. of February we fly to Tallinn to look at a little male. It was a lovely visit, and we went home with little Marland Ultimate, aka Charlie.                                                                                                  

          Charlie first grooming                                                                                                                                              First show in Haarlev

                                                                                                                                              charlie står for dommeren

Hjemmesiden Marland Ultimate

Göteborg My Dog

On the 5. of January we drived to Göteborg in Sweden to participate in the International dogshow "My Dog", an annual event I'm looking so much forward to. This time I was meeting my frien Valentina Popova fra Russia.

Filisite Brash Why Alone Star went second best bitch, and Nicla Zeta Juno Azumi second best male


Filisite Brash Why alone Star 060118 My Dog

                                                     zumo in the male competition

Male competition 060118 My Dog



Årets skotter 2017

Året skotter 2017



Jeg må starte 2018 med et tilbageblik på resultaterne ved udstillingssæsonens afslutning 2017. Jeg rider stadig på en bølge af glæde og stolthed.

Filisite Brash Why Alone Star: Dansk racevinder i Dansk Kennel Klub, Racevinder i Dansk Terrier Klub, Årets skotte nr 1 i Danmark, Årets skotte nr 4 i Sverige. Nicla Zeta Juno Azumi Årets skotte nr 2, Årets racevinder nr 2 i Dansk Kennel Klub

Pokaler og rosetter siger vist alt


Årets skotte og Årets DTK racevinder 2017



IMG 20171126 134454                                      Billund BIR og BIM 261117