Daily life

I'm doing other activities with my dogs, their life is not only shows :-) Evry day I'm walking the dogs on a big field nearby my house, together with several other dogpeople with pure bred or mix bred dogs, does'nt matter, small dogs and big dogs but every with a nice temperament both males and females together. The dogs are running, playing catching mouses or moles, having fun. People are talking about dogs, politics, TV, everything of interest. It is nearly the best time of the day.

I also train the dogs in balance and so on......so we do other things together :-)


balancetræning 1


IMG 20190318 083124

Vejen june 2019

bob, with CAC and CACIB, Ember got exellent and Missi was 2. best bitch.Now we are in June looking forward to 3 days show in Vejen, DKK's international show.

This showweekend Missi was showned for the first time in Champion class, very exiting. 

Judge Knut Sigurd Wilberg was judge on the first day, and he placed Charlie as 3. best male, Ember got exellent, and Missi was 3. best bitch.

Judge Markku Kipina placed Charlie as best male and BOB with CAC and CACIB, Ember got exellent, and Missi was 2. best bitch

Judge Benny Blidh von Schedvin placed Charlie as 3. best male with CK, Ember got the JuniorCAC and Crufts qualifikation and gained the title DKK Junior Champion :-)

Raglan Remember the Time 220619

    Raglan Remember the Time, 1 year old








Missi was 2. best bitch.

3 fantastic days with splendid results. So proud of all my dogs.

Vejen 220619 BIR Marland Ultimate


Filisite Brash Dear Miss Kiss (Missi) is now: DKCH, SECH, NOCH, NORDCH, it is marvellous


Filisite Brash Dear Miss Kiss 220619Filisite Brash Dear Miss Kiss diplomer

Haarlev DTK National show

May was a very busy month with 5 shows in Denmark, I've already told about the international show in Roskilde, and now we are driving south to Danish Terrier Club show in Haarlev for 2 days. A very cosy outdoor show.

Again I showed 3 dogs, Charlie, Ember and Missi, Missi still in Open Class, because I was'nt allowed to change the class for her. 

I was very satiesfied with the judges, these two days, both had been judging the terriers several times, so they hav knowledge for the group. 

Judge Margaret Möller-Sieber made Charlie BOS with CAC, and Ember won again the Junior CAC for both DKK and DTK, Missi was 4 Best bitch with CK.

Judge Adam Stasiak made Charlie BOB with CAC,  Ember got exellent and Miss 3. Best bitch

It was a very lovely weekend together with good friends. 

BIR og BIM 250519BIR og BIM 260519 bedst


Haarlev BIM 250519 Marland Ultimate

Roskilde May 2019

The Danish Kennel Club had 3 days show in Roskilde, nearby my house, that's wonderfull, not far to drive. I showed 3 dogs, Marland Ultimate (Charlie), Raglan Remember the Time (Ember) and Filisite Brash Dear Miss Kiss (Missi), all 3 did very well. 

Charlie was shown in the Intermeate Class for the first time. Under judge Petter Fodstad he was second best male with CAC, and the judge Ramune Kazlauskaite made him Best Male and BOS with CAC and CACIB, and hw finished under judge Andras Korozs being BOB with CAC, CACIB, and Crufts qualifikation for 2020. 

BIR og BIM 110519        BIR og BIM i Roskilde 120519


Raglan Remember the Time got exellent at all 3 shows and under judge Andras Korozs she was Best junior and got a Junior CAC, she also got her qualifikation for Crufts 2020, so now I can take alle 3 dogs with me next year to Birmingham, they are all qualified, I'm so proud and happy.

Also Missi did well and got her last CAC, so that she now is DKCH.

Billund 6. og 7. april

A really nice weekend in Billund, cellebrating Gitte Dues birthday on the 5. of april at hotel Medio and then 2 showdays at Danish Terrier Club national show. Raglan Remember the Time was shown in Junior Class and placed second both days, she still needs training, but she had a lot of fun.

ember 3 070419


Marland Ultimate won the juniorcompetition both days with CAC on saturday, second best male, and sunday 3. best male and the title DTK Juniorwinner 2019. And both days he ended as 3. in the group competition both days. 

Filisite Brash Dear Miss Kiss was second best bitch both days with CAC

                                                                                                                                           BOG 3 070419

Billund 060419   

Crufts 2019

For the very first time I have to drive myself to Crufts in Birmingham, my co-pilot was Julie Hasselby, but it was me driving. Of course I was a bit nervous, but nothing could keep me home, we had to to. The greatest dogshow in the world.

And what a year. I brought two dogs with me Marland Ultimate og Filisite Brash Dear Miss Kiss. Unfortunately Missi got sick, so I could only show Charlie in the Junior Class. As always he showed his sockc of in front of the judge Allison Kenny-Mariott (kennel Millingford) and all the public around the ring. He is full of spirit, love to show, he thinks it's a party every time. That's wonderfull for a handler. 

He won the Junior Class, Best Junior male at Crufts 2019....all dreams came true, it was marvellous. Congratulation to his breeder Viive Maranik, Thallin, and his owner Inge and Sten Asboe.

                     Marland Ultimate Junior Winner Crufts 2019                                                                                                                            Winners in the JUnior Class Crufts 2019

deborah wilcock Charlie på bord

Birkerød den 2. og 3. marts 2019

First show in Danish Terrier Club in 2019 was going on in a new location, a really nice place in Birkerød. Both days Marland Ultimate did so well, he won Best Junior, I'm so proud and happy to show him. 

Raglan Remember the Time was shown for the first time in JUnior Class, saturday she won Best Junior Bitch, but sunday she was so naughty, she woild'nt stand still for a second or walk into the lead, so it is with jungsters, not funny for the handler but a lot of fun for Ember.

FB Dear Miss Kiss got exellent both days.

We had a great weekend together wit good friends.

                                                                                                                                               charlie på bordet                                                                                          

Charlie Birkerød 030319

Fredericia 9. februar

International Dogshow in Fredericia the 9. of February. Jugde was Jeff Luscott, he was a very kind judge, had a little conversation with the handlers so that everybody fell comfortable. He was very happy for Charlie, Marland Ultimate. Had very nice words about him. He won the Junior Class and went on in the male competition, ended as second after a very beautiful male champion from Russia. I'm very satisfied, he is only 1 year old.

Filisite Brash Dear Miss Kiss exellent and was placed as 4th in the female competition. 

Marland Ultimate 1 foto Elmira Spesivtseva                                                                  



til lykke til Oksana















Nicla Zeta Juno Alfie won the Champion Class and was second best bitch in a very strong female competition, she is owned and handled by Dorthe Karst



dorthe                                                     Filisite Brash Dear Miss Kiss....photo by Elmira Spesivtseva

                                                     Filisite Brash Dear Miss Kiss foto Elmira Spesivtseva

Morning walk 080219

Every morning the dogs and I are walking for an hour or more, allways together with a lots of other dogs from different breeds. It is a great thing for socializing, and they are so happy and tired afterwards. 

IMG 20190208 082431
                                                                             IMG 20190208 082423



Göteborg international dogshow

Second day in Göteborg. Results the same as yesterday, what a trip, it was marvellous. Marland Ultimate, Best male, BOB, CAC, Crufts qualifikation for 2020, and yes we are going if we are able to, Filisite Brash Dear Miss Kiss, Best Female BOS, CAC, CACIB, Crufts qualifikation 2020. We were over the moon. Charlie is only 1 year old, future looks splendid, but you never know. Judge for the breed: Anne Tove Strande, Se, judge in the main ring: Veli-Pekka Kumpumäki


charlie og dommer 1                                                                 rosetter og cruft

Charlie Store ring forbedømmelse

Göteborg My Dog Nordic dogshow

Göteborg 3. of january, first show in 2019, it is almost a tradition, that I participate in this how. I like it very much, buth the wheater is always the dark horse. This year it was fantastic, no snow, no ice, no rain. My follower this year was Carlies owner, Sten Asboe. I brought all the dogs with me, 4 scotties, only two of them were going to be showed. I showed Filisite Brash Dear Miss Kiss, she went Best female, BOS, got CAC and a Nordic CAC. Marland Ultimate went the whole way....Best Male, BOB, CAC and Nordic CAC. Later on he was second in Group 3. Judge for the breed was Rony Doedijns from Holland, and in the Mainring it was Anne Tove Strande from Sweden.

charlie i bevægelse                                                                    Charlie under armen



Goteborg 030119