Göteborg international dogshow

Second day in Göteborg. Results the same as yesterday, what a trip, it was marvellous. Marland Ultimate, Best male, BOB, CAC, Crufts qualifikation for 2020, and yes we are going if we are able to, Filisite Brash Dear Miss Kiss, Best Female BOS, CAC, CACIB, Crufts qualifikation 2020. We were over the moon. Charlie is only 1 year old, future looks splendid, but you never know. Judge for the breed: Anne Tove Strande, Se, judge in the main ring: Veli-Pekka Kumpumäki


charlie og dommer 1                                                                 rosetter og cruft

Charlie Store ring forbedømmelse

Göteborg My Dog Nordic dogshow

Göteborg 3. of january, first show in 2019, it is almost a tradition, that I participate in this how. I like it very much, buth the wheater is always the dark horse. This year it was fantastic, no snow, no ice, no rain. My follower this year was Carlies owner, Sten Asboe. I brought all the dogs with me, 4 scotties, only two of them were going to be showed. I showed Filisite Brash Dear Miss Kiss, she went Best female, BOS, got CAC and a Nordic CAC. Marland Ultimate went the whole way....Best Male, BOB, CAC and Nordic CAC. Later on he was second in Group 3. Judge for the breed was Rony Doedijns from Holland, and in the Mainring it was Anne Tove Strande from Sweden.

charlie i bevægelse                                                                    Charlie under armen



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