Raglan Remember the Time & Nicla Missi Asia

I think I better put some photos of my girls in here. I have concentrated so much about pictures of Marland Ultimate, but I haven't forgotten my girls, I just don't have so many pictures. Until I get some help with the photos, I'll show these from my grooming area.

Raglan Remember the Time ( Raglan Republican x Raglan Real Gold)                                                                     Nicla Missi Asia ( Filisite Brash Dear Miss Kiss x Marland Ultimate)

breeder Dan Ericsson                                                                                                                                                   Breeder Jane Juel


Raglan Remember the Time, nearly 2 years old       (Ember)                                                                                          Nicla Missi Asia, 8 month old

                                                                                                                                                                        asia 1

ember 1 hjemmesiden

Kolding & Fredericia 8. & 9. February

At the very first show in Denmark in 2020, Marland Ultimate had the chance of being Danish Champion. He has celebrated his 2 years birthday in December 2019. I think he has nearly 30 CAC but the last one is always so difficult to gain. So I was pretty nervous. 

Judge was C.De Guinea. Charlie was placed second in the male competition after the champion, so he got the last CAC and was now Danish Champion. I was so relieved and happy. Later that day he won the Junior handler competition together with his very best friend Ida Victoria Skodborg. 

Sunday he was BOB and won CACIB. What an overwhelming weekend.

                                                                                                                            Charlie champion

Winning the Juniorhanding competition













                                                                                                                               Ida og Charlie

charlie champion på bord