Marland Ultimate, born 15.12.2017, (father: Lider of Bumage, mother: Marland Nota Bene)


My friends Inge and Sten Asboe, had to say goodbye to their eldest scottie in the winter 2017, so they contacted me, and said that they would like to have a new little scottie male, and asked me if we could make the same arrangement as we did with Perhaps Savage Garden, whom I groomed and handled for several years and made him an International Champion. Inge and I were together in Finlad to pick him out, a wonderfull journy.

This time I've been looking at a litter in Estland, kennel Marland by Viive Maranik. We have been at messenger and Viive has send some pictures, but it is difficult to look at puppies. So we arranged a meeting and in February we visited Viive in Estland looking at a wonderfull litter. It was not easy to choose, but at last we decided that little Marland Ultimate should travel with us back to Denmark.

I'm so happy and proud, that Inge and Sten allow me to groom and handle this little boy, I've already lost my heart to him.

first grooming

Hjemmesiden Marland Ultimate