Hvalpe 3 uger gamle

Puppies 3 weeks old


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Hvalpe født 30.1.2022

What a start at 2022. I mated Nicla Missi Asia in november 2021 with Black Thistle Once Upon a Time (Out of the american lines in kennel Black Thistle) and on the 30. of january 2022, she gave birth to 2 puppies, a blck male and a black girl. I'm so happy, she managed to selfwhelp, it isn't easy when there is only two puppies. 

They get on very well, and she is a brilliant mother with the right instinct. The red colour is the heating light.


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resultater 2021

The Year 2021 has been a strange showyear for us. It started with cancellations because of COVID 19. Then I got ill, and we missed the first shows after opening, but at last in June we could participate in the shows again. 

We managed to participate in 18 shows in 2021, and Marland Ultimate got 10 top placements BOB. We visited Sweden and Germany with topresults and he got the title International Champion. How lucky I was and so was his owners Inge and Sten Asboe and his breeder Viive Maranik. 

He ended the year with the titles: Best Scottish Terrier in Danish Kennel Club 2021, Best scottie in Danish Terrier Klub/Breedwinner 2021, Best terrier number 2 2021. It certainly has been a marvellous year, which started so badly.

Charlies next show will be Crufts 2022, we are looking so much forward.

Three of his offsprings were also shown in 2021: Nicla Zeta Asia, she did very well and ended the year being Danish Champion and Best Scotties number 4, and Nicla Zeta Arko, owner Ole Karpf, also won the title Danish Champion, Fairview Fairy Tale Carma, breeder and owner Gitte Due, won also the title Danish Champion 

It is difficult not to have the arms over the head. 

Here you can se some pictures from the year 2021.     


                                                                                           20211128 1145000

Marland Ultimate 281021 1

                                        Nicla Zeta Asia on the table









BOB Birkerød 031021

                                                             Kolding 271121                                                                                                                                                                   



KOlding pokalvinderne 2

20211129 113033

Raglan Remember the Time & Nicla Missi Asia

I think I better put some photos of my girls in here. I have concentrated so much about pictures of Marland Ultimate, but I haven't forgotten my girls, I just don't have so many pictures. Until I get some help with the photos, I'll show these from my grooming area.

Raglan Remember the Time ( Raglan Republican x Raglan Real Gold)                                                                     Nicla Missi Asia ( Filisite Brash Dear Miss Kiss x Marland Ultimate)

breeder Dan Ericsson                                                                                                                                                   Breeder Jane Juel


Raglan Remember the Time, nearly 2 years old       (Ember)                                                                                          Nicla Missi Asia, 8 month old

                                                                                                                                                                        asia 1

ember 1 hjemmesiden

Kolding & Fredericia 8. & 9. February

At the very first show in Denmark in 2020, Marland Ultimate had the chance of being Danish Champion. He has celebrated his 2 years birthday in December 2019. I think he has nearly 30 CAC but the last one is always so difficult to gain. So I was pretty nervous. 

Judge was C.De Guinea. Charlie was placed second in the male competition after the champion, so he got the last CAC and was now Danish Champion. I was so relieved and happy. Later that day he won the Junior handler competition together with his very best friend Ida Victoria Skodborg. 

Sunday he was BOB and won CACIB. What an overwhelming weekend.

                                                                                                                            Charlie champion

Winning the Juniorhanding competition













                                                                                                                               Ida og Charlie

charlie champion på bord

Billund 23. & 24. November

The very last show in Denmark, Danish Terrier Club and at this show we also have to celebrate the Scottish terrier of the Year 2019. Saturday judge was Dodo Sandahl, Charlie was placed 2. in the Male Open Class, Raglan Remember the Time got CK. Sunday judge was Corinne Cardinale, Charlie was 2. Best Male with CAC, and Raglan Remember the Time was 3. Best Bitch with CAC. 

It was a very emotional event this week, because we should celebrate Marland Ultimate together with his owner Inge and Sten Asbo, he won the title Scottish Terrier of the Yeat 2019, and also the title Scottish Terrier of the Year in the breed in Dansih Terrier Club.

So 2019 was really Charlies year, I/we are looking forward showing him in 2020, he will be 2 years on the 15 of December, so in 2020 he can gain the title Danish Champion....looking forward

received 2506822622864590

20191127 140626

Herning 2. & 3. November

Last international show in Denmark in 2019. Marland Ultimat won the title DKK Breed Winner 2019 it was great, but these 2 days should offer so many other experiences. Saturday was not Charlies day, judge Sean Delmar: Marland Ultimate 4. Best Male, Raglan Remember the Time 2. Best Bitch with CAC and res. CACIB.

Sunday judge was Moa Persson, Marland Ultimate BOB with CAC and CACIB, later in the day he was placed 3. in the Terrier Group under judge Helge Kvivesen, I couldn't be more proud and over the moon. 

Raglan Remember the Time got CK but wasn't placed. 

It was overwhelming to watch the Juniorhandler competition. Ida Viktoria Skodborg and Charlie won on saturday and was places as number 4 on Sunday, but at the end the team was nominatede second in the juniorhandler competition DKK 2019, tears were running and we shout our Hurra all over the Main Ring.


rets juniorhandler nr 2 2019


                                      BIR og BIM 031119











                                                                              Herning BIS 3 med dommer Helg Kvivesen

Marland Ultimate 1

Birkerød 12. & 13. october

      National dogshow in Birkerød October 2019. Saturday the judge was Francisco Jose Martinez Coloma, Marland Ultimate won BOB and Raglan Remember the Time was 2. best bitch with CAC. Sunday the judge was Marina Ostrovskaya, and the results were the same. Later Sunday Marland Ultimate was 2. in BIS. A wonderful weekend. 

In the junorcompetition Charlie and Ida Viktoria Skodborg was placed as number 1, they are a fantastic team, and Charlie loves her.                                                         



 two happy winnersBirkerød 121019 hjemmesiden BIR og BIM


On the 25. of September Filisite Brash Dear Miss Kiss gave birth to 6 puppies, 4 boys and 2 girls, sadly one of the girls died. They gained weight and developed very well. The girl, Nicla Missi Asia stay at home and one of the boys wnt to Ole Karp, Nicla Missi Arko, both will be shown in the future. 

Father of the puppies is: Marland Ultimate, aka Charlie. 


Missis hvalpe hjemmesiden oktober 2019 2

Ballerup 220919

Sunday it was DKK INT. Show, judge was Lillian Lleton.

Marland Ultimate was 2. best male with CAC and res. CACIB, Raglan Remember the Time won the Junior competition and the title Copenhagen Junior Winner 2019, so proud and happy

20190923 074506


Later in the day Charly should once again follow Ida Victoria to the Juniorhandling competition. He loves to show with her, he is on his tiptoe all the time, looking at her, I think he is in love with her. Ida Victoria and Charlie went all the way to the top and won the Juniorhandling competion in a very very strong competition. 

20190922 153248

20190922 155604

Haarlev 210919

Saturday the 21.of September National Show in Danish Terrier Club. The weather was very very nice, real autumn weather sunny and warm, but not too hot. The judge was Kerstin Buss.

Marland Ultimate, as always ready for show, he loves it, won BOB with CAC. Raglan Remember the Time was 2. best bitch with a CAC. 


received 704336733366331

Bornholm 2019 3

Day 3 at Bornholm, IDS once again. This time the judge was Jos De Cuyper, he placed Marland Ultimate as BOB with CAC and CACIB. Later on, in the junior competition it should be much more exciting together with Ida Victoria. She and Charlie went all the way to the very top.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  BIS juniorhandler 1 Rønne 2

BIR og BIM 180819                            Ida og Charlie paa podiet med dommer

Bornholm 2019 2

International dogshow at Bornholm on the 17. of august. Judge was Birgit Seloy, and she choose Raglan Remember the Time as BOB with CAC, CACIB and junior CAC, and Marlan Ultimate as BOS with CAC and CACIB, thanks til Rikke for helping me. 

Later in the day Ida Victoria was 2. best juniorhandler with Charlie

BIR og BIM 170819                                                            Ida og Charlie i ringen 1


BIS 2 juniorhandler Rønne 1

Bornholm august 2019 1

Summer holiday at Barnholm as usual, once again I was staying in Bjerghytten (owned by good friends) in Allinge. This year was a little special because it was my 75 years birthday on the first show in Danish Terrier Club, Every year I spend my birthday at Bornholm, but this year a bit more to celebrate. So I invited all my dogfriends to come by for a glass of wine, some snacks, and sweeties, it was so cozy.  

The results at Bornholm was marvelous, and for the first time Marland Ultimate should compete in the Juniorhandling competition with Id Victoria Skodborg, it was so exciting. they are a really good match, Charlie loves to show together with Ida Victoria. He is on his tiptoe and shows his socks off. 

On my birthday 16. of august Marland Ultimate got BOB with CAC under judge Karl-Erik Johansson



20190816 113755

20190816 1137040

BIR og BIM 160819

Svendborg 19 - 21. july

In July I travelled with my dogs to Svendborg for the Terrier Festival. Nice weather and the area is really nice. Showing for 3 days with lots of time together with friends from different breeds. 

On the 21 of July Marland Ultimate won BOS and Raglan Remember the Time won Junior CAC and was at last Best Junior under judge Nemanja Jovanovic


BIR og BIM 210719 sten


                              BIS BIM Christina













the 20. of July Marlan Ultimate got CAC and was 2. best male under judge Torsten Himmrich


20190719 172035 1


Daily life

I'm doing other activities with my dogs, their life is not only shows :-) Evry day I'm walking the dogs on a big field nearby my house, together with several other dogpeople with pure bred or mix bred dogs, does'nt matter, small dogs and big dogs but every with a nice temperament both males and females together. The dogs are running, playing catching mouses or moles, having fun. People are talking about dogs, politics, TV, everything of interest. It is nearly the best time of the day.

I also train the dogs in balance and so on......so we do other things together :-)


balancetræning 1


IMG 20190318 083124

Vejen june 2019

bob, with CAC and CACIB, Ember got exellent and Missi was 2. best bitch.Now we are in June looking forward to 3 days show in Vejen, DKK's international show.

This showweekend Missi was showned for the first time in Champion class, very exiting. 

Judge Knut Sigurd Wilberg was judge on the first day, and he placed Charlie as 3. best male, Ember got exellent, and Missi was 3. best bitch.

Judge Markku Kipina placed Charlie as best male and BOB with CAC and CACIB, Ember got exellent, and Missi was 2. best bitch

Judge Benny Blidh von Schedvin placed Charlie as 3. best male with CK, Ember got the JuniorCAC and Crufts qualifikation and gained the title DKK Junior Champion :-)

Raglan Remember the Time 220619

    Raglan Remember the Time, 1 year old








Missi was 2. best bitch.

3 fantastic days with splendid results. So proud of all my dogs.

Vejen 220619 BIR Marland Ultimate


Filisite Brash Dear Miss Kiss (Missi) is now: DKCH, SECH, NOCH, NORDCH, it is marvellous


Filisite Brash Dear Miss Kiss 220619Filisite Brash Dear Miss Kiss diplomer

Haarlev DTK National show

May was a very busy month with 5 shows in Denmark, I've already told about the international show in Roskilde, and now we are driving south to Danish Terrier Club show in Haarlev for 2 days. A very cosy outdoor show.

Again I showed 3 dogs, Charlie, Ember and Missi, Missi still in Open Class, because I was'nt allowed to change the class for her. 

I was very satiesfied with the judges, these two days, both had been judging the terriers several times, so they hav knowledge for the group. 

Judge Margaret Möller-Sieber made Charlie BOS with CAC, and Ember won again the Junior CAC for both DKK and DTK, Missi was 4 Best bitch with CK.

Judge Adam Stasiak made Charlie BOB with CAC,  Ember got exellent and Miss 3. Best bitch

It was a very lovely weekend together with good friends. 

BIR og BIM 250519BIR og BIM 260519 bedst


Haarlev BIM 250519 Marland Ultimate

Roskilde May 2019

The Danish Kennel Club had 3 days show in Roskilde, nearby my house, that's wonderfull, not far to drive. I showed 3 dogs, Marland Ultimate (Charlie), Raglan Remember the Time (Ember) and Filisite Brash Dear Miss Kiss (Missi), all 3 did very well. 

Charlie was shown in the Intermeate Class for the first time. Under judge Petter Fodstad he was second best male with CAC, and the judge Ramune Kazlauskaite made him Best Male and BOS with CAC and CACIB, and hw finished under judge Andras Korozs being BOB with CAC, CACIB, and Crufts qualifikation for 2020. 

BIR og BIM 110519        BIR og BIM i Roskilde 120519


Raglan Remember the Time got exellent at all 3 shows and under judge Andras Korozs she was Best junior and got a Junior CAC, she also got her qualifikation for Crufts 2020, so now I can take alle 3 dogs with me next year to Birmingham, they are all qualified, I'm so proud and happy.

Also Missi did well and got her last CAC, so that she now is DKCH.

Billund 6. og 7. april

A really nice weekend in Billund, cellebrating Gitte Dues birthday on the 5. of april at hotel Medio and then 2 showdays at Danish Terrier Club national show. Raglan Remember the Time was shown in Junior Class and placed second both days, she still needs training, but she had a lot of fun.

ember 3 070419


Marland Ultimate won the juniorcompetition both days with CAC on saturday, second best male, and sunday 3. best male and the title DTK Juniorwinner 2019. And both days he ended as 3. in the group competition both days. 

Filisite Brash Dear Miss Kiss was second best bitch both days with CAC

                                                                                                                                           BOG 3 070419

Billund 060419   

Crufts 2019

For the very first time I have to drive myself to Crufts in Birmingham, my co-pilot was Julie Hasselby, but it was me driving. Of course I was a bit nervous, but nothing could keep me home, we had to to. The greatest dogshow in the world.

And what a year. I brought two dogs with me Marland Ultimate og Filisite Brash Dear Miss Kiss. Unfortunately Missi got sick, so I could only show Charlie in the Junior Class. As always he showed his sockc of in front of the judge Allison Kenny-Mariott (kennel Millingford) and all the public around the ring. He is full of spirit, love to show, he thinks it's a party every time. That's wonderfull for a handler. 

He won the Junior Class, Best Junior male at Crufts 2019....all dreams came true, it was marvellous. Congratulation to his breeder Viive Maranik, Thallin, and his owner Inge and Sten Asboe.

                     Marland Ultimate Junior Winner Crufts 2019                                                                                                                            Winners in the JUnior Class Crufts 2019

deborah wilcock Charlie på bord

Birkerød den 2. og 3. marts 2019

First show in Danish Terrier Club in 2019 was going on in a new location, a really nice place in Birkerød. Both days Marland Ultimate did so well, he won Best Junior, I'm so proud and happy to show him. 

Raglan Remember the Time was shown for the first time in JUnior Class, saturday she won Best Junior Bitch, but sunday she was so naughty, she woild'nt stand still for a second or walk into the lead, so it is with jungsters, not funny for the handler but a lot of fun for Ember.

FB Dear Miss Kiss got exellent both days.

We had a great weekend together wit good friends.

                                                                                                                                               charlie på bordet                                                                                          

Charlie Birkerød 030319

Fredericia 9. februar

International Dogshow in Fredericia the 9. of February. Jugde was Jeff Luscott, he was a very kind judge, had a little conversation with the handlers so that everybody fell comfortable. He was very happy for Charlie, Marland Ultimate. Had very nice words about him. He won the Junior Class and went on in the male competition, ended as second after a very beautiful male champion from Russia. I'm very satisfied, he is only 1 year old.

Filisite Brash Dear Miss Kiss exellent and was placed as 4th in the female competition. 

Marland Ultimate 1 foto Elmira Spesivtseva                                                                  



til lykke til Oksana















Nicla Zeta Juno Alfie won the Champion Class and was second best bitch in a very strong female competition, she is owned and handled by Dorthe Karst



dorthe                                                     Filisite Brash Dear Miss Kiss....photo by Elmira Spesivtseva

                                                     Filisite Brash Dear Miss Kiss foto Elmira Spesivtseva

Morning walk 080219

Every morning the dogs and I are walking for an hour or more, allways together with a lots of other dogs from different breeds. It is a great thing for socializing, and they are so happy and tired afterwards. 

IMG 20190208 082431
                                                                             IMG 20190208 082423



Göteborg international dogshow

Second day in Göteborg. Results the same as yesterday, what a trip, it was marvellous. Marland Ultimate, Best male, BOB, CAC, Crufts qualifikation for 2020, and yes we are going if we are able to, Filisite Brash Dear Miss Kiss, Best Female BOS, CAC, CACIB, Crufts qualifikation 2020. We were over the moon. Charlie is only 1 year old, future looks splendid, but you never know. Judge for the breed: Anne Tove Strande, Se, judge in the main ring: Veli-Pekka Kumpumäki


charlie og dommer 1                                                                 rosetter og cruft

Charlie Store ring forbedømmelse

Göteborg My Dog Nordic dogshow

Göteborg 3. of january, first show in 2019, it is almost a tradition, that I participate in this how. I like it very much, buth the wheater is always the dark horse. This year it was fantastic, no snow, no ice, no rain. My follower this year was Carlies owner, Sten Asboe. I brought all the dogs with me, 4 scotties, only two of them were going to be showed. I showed Filisite Brash Dear Miss Kiss, she went Best female, BOS, got CAC and a Nordic CAC. Marland Ultimate went the whole way....Best Male, BOB, CAC and Nordic CAC. Later on he was second in Group 3. Judge for the breed was Rony Doedijns from Holland, and in the Mainring it was Anne Tove Strande from Sweden.

charlie i bevægelse                                                                    Charlie under armen



Goteborg 030119

Amsterdam 14 og 15 December

The very last show in the year 2018. My good friend Tinna Grubbe and I decided earlier this year to participate in the Holland Cup and Amsterdam Winner shows in December. It should turn out to be a real gain of titles. 

Friday Holland Cup, judge Joyce Crawford Mantor, Marland Ultimate won Best Junior, Best Male and BOB. Later that day he was placed second in the group under judge William Roderiquez. Only 1 year old and so full of selfconfidence and so much joy and happiness, he really love shows, I've never had a dog with so much spirit. 

Sunday he was again Best Junior, Best Male and BOB....I think it took a week to get my arms down. Judge saturday was Chantal Kok-van der Horst. Both judges so kind to the dogs and also to the handler, smiling and it was obvious that they enjoyed their job. 

The most important thing was....he qualified for Crufts 2019, yubiiiiii

We could'nt stay for the Main Ring saturday, we have decided to drive home, with a stop in Germany for a Christmas market. It was such a great trip.

Filisite Brash Dear Miss Kiss, aka Missi was also shown, and she got exellent both day, I am very satiesfied. 


Amsterdam Holland Cup BOB Charlie 2       


Amsterdam Charlie lørdag kenneth



Amsterdam Holland cup Best in Group 2 2                                                          Amsterdam pokaler og rosetter fredag og lørdag


Filisite Brash Dear Miss Kiss

It has'nt only been a year with good show results, it has also been a year with lots of tears. I had to say goodby to two of my beloved dogs, not that they are dead, but it has been so hard, that they are not in my gang any longer. But I'm so lucky, that two very good scottie families now take care of them both, and they both come her for grooming :-)  My Filisite Brash Why alone Star was mated this spring but she was empty, instead of puppies she got a very serious inflamation in uterus, she had an operation and everything was removed, it was so sad and I was broken down. 

My own breed and my Junior World Winner 2017 Nicla Zeta Juno Azumi developed an underhung jaw when he was 18 month old, I have cried so much and hoped that it would change, but it did'nt. It was'nt much, but it was there. 

Now both Why and Zumo is staying in their new families, and they are very happy with the new life.

It is not easy to be a breeder.......

Life change and in October I got a new member in my scottiefamily, thanks a lot to Valentina Popova, kennel Filisite Brash for letting me take care of this wonderful little bitch.

I say welcome to Missi, she fits very well in my gang. She is now 20 month old




Billund 24 og 25 November 2018

Then it was time for the last show in Denmark in the year 2018. As usual it was in Billund, two days with National Show. Together with all our friends, time to say goodby and thanks for good company at every show in the year 2018. It's always a very festive show. We are looking very much forward to participate in this shows. 

On the 24 of November, Saturday, Marland Ultimate won Best Junior and the last junior CAC and got the title DTK Junior Champion. That was really great. Judge was Andrzy Kozmierski. On Sunday it went even better.....amazing, I was overwhelmed. Charlie got Best Junior, Best Male and BOS, judge was Robert Kanas.

It has been a totally unforgetable ½ year showing Charlie. I'm looking so much forword to the shows in 2019. 


Herning BIS BIM second 2018                                                BIR og bim søndag den 25 november

Lillestrøm 16 og 17 November 2018

Norway 16 and 17 of November ....NKK Nordic Winner two days international show, exciting, and Sunday was qualifikation to Crufts 2019, a big wish that we got that. But we did'nt manage, the judge choose another male and Charlie was placed second on Sunday. But we had great succes on Saturday under judge Jon Cole from USA. Marland Ultimate was best junior, and best male and BOS, he won the title Nordic Junior Winner 2018, what a party we had. 

Marland Ultimate Nordisk Junior winner 2018                                                           

       Marland Ultimate BOS Lillestrøm 161118

Marland Ultimate Lillestrøm

Herning 3. og 4. november 2018

The last two international shows in Danish Kennel Club was on the 3. and 4. of November. Both days Marland Ultimate won the juniorcertifikate, and he became DKK Juniorchampion and Danish Junior winner. Our new bitch Filisite Brash Dear Miss Kiss became on sunday BOS and Danish Winner. The judge saturday was Monika Blaha and sunday Anne Tove Strande. 

Charlie DKK Herning                                                               rosetter og diplomer Herning

Haarlev den 23 september 2018

National dogshow in Denmark, second day in official class for Marland Ultimate. He did it again, it is such fun to show him, he likes it very very much and so do I. Best Junior, Best Male and BOB, terrier judge was Tina Deipenbrock, De.




Haarlev BIR og BIM søndag den 230918

Ballerup 22. september 2018

This show was the first for Marland Ultimate, aka Charlie, in official class. An International show with a terrier judge, Ingrid Borchorst. Charlie was gorgeous, so full of terrier spirit, could'nt stand still for 2 minutes, but he looked gorgeous. He won the Juniorclass, he was Best Male, and BOB. His owner were so proud and so was I, they went out and bought a new transporter for further shows. 

Ballerup siddende på podiet. WiegaardenBallerup 220918 Inge og Sten nu med transporterMarland Ultimate 2018 september

Marland Ultimate, Charlie

Now Marland Ultimate has been 6 ½ month, he has been to several training lessons, and he has been groomed several times. He is so happy, curious and willing to learn, he is really a funny chap working with, we both enjoy it.

He has been at 2 shows in June in Vejen, International dogshow, and both days we had terriespecialist as judges, saturday Mette Sørum and sunday Kevin Brown, he showed his socks off and both day he got exellent critiques.


Charlie 270618 2


Haarlev 060518 Marland Ultimate

Haarlev the 6. of maj 2018, national show. Judge John E. Madden


Charlie as he is called at home, was at his first show in the puppy class at the national show in Danish Terrier Club, he enjoyed it very much.

                                                                                                                      charlie rundt i ringen

charlie står for dommeren


Marland Ultimate, Charlie

Marland Ultimate, born 15.12.2017, (father: Lider of Bumage, mother: Marland Nota Bene)


My friends Inge and Sten Asboe, had to say goodbye to their eldest scottie in the winter 2017, so they contacted me, and said that they would like to have a new little scottie male, and asked me if we could make the same arrangement as we did with Perhaps Savage Garden, whom I groomed and handled for several years and made him an International Champion. Inge and I were together in Finlad to pick him out, a wonderfull journy.

This time I've been looking at a litter in Estland, kennel Marland by Viive Maranik. We have been at messenger and Viive has send some pictures, but it is difficult to look at puppies. So we arranged a meeting and in February we visited Viive in Estland looking at a wonderfull litter. It was not easy to choose, but at last we decided that little Marland Ultimate should travel with us back to Denmark.

I'm so happy and proud, that Inge and Sten allow me to groom and handle this little boy, I've already lost my heart to him.

first grooming

Hjemmesiden Marland Ultimate

Dansk Terrier Klub 7. & 8. april

Day 2 at the national dogshow in Billund. Judge Steven Seymour

We just change: Filisite Brash Why alone star won BOB and Nicla Zeta Juno Azumi won BOS


Zumo 080418




Wonderfull results from the national show in Billund, Danish Terrier Club. Judge Sean Knight

Nicla Zeta Juno Azumi won BOB and BIS 4......Filisite Brash Why Alone Star won BOS


Billund 070418 BIS 4 Zumo

Kristianssand Int. dogshow

New International Champion


Shortly after our trip to Crufts, I went to International dogshow in Kristianssand, Norway, hoping for th last CACIB for Filisite Brash Why Alone Star.

I was together with good friends, and Why did it, she got the last CACIB after 1year and 1 day and she can now put the title International Champion on her CV. I was really happy and proud.

                                                                                                                                  Kristianssand together with good friends

Kristianssand hjemmesiden                 

Crufts 2018

Crufts 2018, the worlds largest dogshow....and I was there for the 3. time with dogs, it is a fantastic experience and also unforgettable. To participate the dogs have to be qualified, and so did both Filisite Brash Why alone Star and Nicla Zeta Juno Azumi.

115 scotties entered for judge Mrs. Falconer.

I'm still totally overwhelmed

Nicla Zeta Juno Azumi entered Post Graduate Clas, and was second best. I'm so proud and happy, he showed his socks off.


original Zumo nr 2 Post Graduate Kopi

           Zumo Post Graduate Crufts 2018










 and Filisite Brash Why Alone Star entered Open Class and was placed as number 4. It was marvellous.   You can read more in my little story about my trip to Birmingham, but it is only in danish :-)


Filisite brash why Alone Star høj beskåret juli 17 Kopi

                         IMG 20180309 154556





Marland Ultimate

My friends Inge and Sten Asbo have lost one of their scotties and have asked me for help, choosing a new little scottie to the family. I have contacted Viive Maranik, kennel Marland in Estonia, she had a litter of nice puppies with an interesting pedigree. So on the 15. of February we fly to Tallinn to look at a little male. It was a lovely visit, and we went home with little Marland Ultimate, aka Charlie.                                                                                                  

          Charlie first grooming                                                                                                                                              First show in Haarlev

                                                                                                                                              charlie står for dommeren

Hjemmesiden Marland Ultimate

Göteborg My Dog

On the 5. of January we drived to Göteborg in Sweden to participate in the International dogshow "My Dog", an annual event I'm looking so much forward to. This time I was meeting my frien Valentina Popova fra Russia.

Filisite Brash Why Alone Star went second best bitch, and Nicla Zeta Juno Azumi second best male


Filisite Brash Why alone Star 060118 My Dog

                                                     zumo in the male competition

Male competition 060118 My Dog



Årets skotter 2017

Året skotter 2017



Jeg må starte 2018 med et tilbageblik på resultaterne ved udstillingssæsonens afslutning 2017. Jeg rider stadig på en bølge af glæde og stolthed.

Filisite Brash Why Alone Star: Dansk racevinder i Dansk Kennel Klub, Racevinder i Dansk Terrier Klub, Årets skotte nr 1 i Danmark, Årets skotte nr 4 i Sverige. Nicla Zeta Juno Azumi Årets skotte nr 2, Årets racevinder nr 2 i Dansk Kennel Klub

Pokaler og rosetter siger vist alt


Årets skotte og Årets DTK racevinder 2017



IMG 20171126 134454                                      Billund BIR og BIM 261117 

DKK International show in Fredericia 110217

Saturday the 11 of February 2017 was a really wonderfull day. Under honourable allround judge Ole Staunskær our Filisite Brash Why Alone Star won the certification allowing her to use the titel Danish Champion. She has a lot of CAC, but her 2 years birthday was last in december 2016. It was such a great feeling, I enjoyed driving hom with the rosets and the two ards, CC and CACIB.


BIR og BIM Fredericia 110217 hjemmesiden Kopi


I also showed our youngster Nicla Zeta Juno Azumi, he did so well in the ring, I was rally proud of him. He was second in the puppy class. He develop just like I want for a scottie. Only 7 month old.


Nicla Zeta Juno Azumi 110217 hjemmesiden Kopi





DTK Billund 26. and 27. November

Sunday we had the honour that Filisite Brash Why Alone Star was placed as Best Scottie of the Year number 4, in spite that she has missed 8 shows in Denmark. I'm so proud.Now I'm going for the the Danish Championship. Yesterday she was 2 years old. So in 2017 that's one of my goals.hjemmesiden skotsk terrier 2016 nr4 Kopi


hjemmesiden Why red Billund Kopi

















At the Danish Terrier Club show 26. November we had a great day. Filisite Brash Why Alone Star won BOB under judge Jesus Pastor, and our jungster Nicla Zeta Juno Azumi won Best Baby and later in the day BIS puppy number 2


BOB Why Billund lørdag hjemmesiden Zumo BIS baby Billund hjemmesiden

DKK International show in Herning 5. and 6. November 2016

We had a great time at the last show in Danish Kennel Club early in november. Together with good friends and with very good results.

Saturday under judge Carsten Birk Filisite Brash Why Alone Star won BOS, Danish Winner, CAC, CACIB. I'm so happy and proud. Our youngster Nicla Zeta Juno Azumi was Best baby both days

hjemmesiden Herning 051116 BIM 14956461 10209832496383336 6775676365994114269 n1





















Sunday under judge Hans Erhard Grüttner Why was 3. Best bitch with CAC and res.CACIB. what a wonderful weekend. Why has now 8 CAC but she is'nt old enough to be a champion. Just before Christmas she will be 2 years.


hjemmesiden åben klasse på gulvet 051116 Kopi


DTK national show in Hobro 15. and 16. of october


At the national show in Hobro we had a splendid time together with good friends and wonderful results. For the first time I showed the two puppies. It was amazing. They both walked around the ring as they have never tried anything else. They stand at the table while the judge get over them. I was really proud.

Nicla Zeta Juno Azumi (Zumo) went Best baby both days in competition with his sister Nicla Zeta Juno Alfie. And later on saturday he was BIS 2 baby.

hjemmesiden Zumo

hjemmesiden rev Hobro Zumo BIS 2 151016 IMG 2092 Kopi























Filisite Brash Why Alone Star was BOS saturday under judge Kerstin Buss. Sunday she went second best bitch.  What a weekend :-)


hjemmesiden Why BIM Hobro Why 151016 IMG 1579 Kopi

Puppy and the new family

Nearly all the puppies have now left for their new family. and every one are so satiesfied and happy, it is such a pleasure to read the messages. I feel it is pay back for all the work and love, I have given the small ones. In a few days we only have our little Zumo back in the kennel. But first both Alfie and Zumo are going to Hobro trying the showring for the first time. I think there will be a lot of fun.

Here a visit from Sweden, I think it says everything about having a little puppy


hjemmesiden hvalpebesøg Sverige IMG 20160828 113623 Kopi

scottish terrier puppies 8 weeks old

The puppies have got some new toy, training their balance. They love it very much. And some of the neighbour girls have been on a visit. They handled the puppies with so much care, it was awsome to see

You can also visit my facebook profile: Jane Juel Hansen, there will be som video


hængebro hjemmesiden IMG 1119 Kopihængebro hjemmesiden IMG 1118 Kopi
















hjemmesiden IMG 1121 Kopinabopigerne hjemmesiden IMG 1125 Kopi







scottish terrier puppies nearly seven weeks old

Today (310716) our youngest grandchild came for a visit. He had some very interesting big shoes with very long laces. It is very difficult to take pictures at the moment. As soon as I bend down, everyone come running toward me and make it impossible to take photos :-)

Green, blue and purple collar are the males

leg IMG 1092




han grøn IMG 1085

han lilla IMG 1075




tæve gul IMG 1084han lyseblå IMG 1083








tæve gul IMG 1079han lilla IMG 1081

skotsk terrier hvalpe 3½ uge


Hvalpene er nu 3½ uge gamle. De har haft det første besøg fra en af de nye/gamle skotteejere. Udmattelsen er tydelig, så nu er der ro et par timer.




hjemmesiden 080716 IMG 0959 1

skotsk terrrier hvalpe 16 dage


Hvalpene er nu 16 dage gamle, de er alle på benene og har fået øjne, nu venter vi på hørelsen. De begynderså småt at prøve at kravle ud af hvalpekassen.


hjemmesiden 300616 IMG 0932 Kopi

Puppies 2016


Now we are nearly 1 week old, and we are growing.


hjemmesiden 210616 IMG 0886 2 Kopi




On wednesday the 15. of juni Nicla Zeta Pisces gave birth to 7 puppies, 4 female and 3 male, all black and very semiliar. I'm so happy and proud

Mother: Nicla Zeta Pisces and father: Stalwarts Games of Thrones


hjemmesiden 180616 IMG 0882 Kopi



DKK international show in Vejen 10 - 12 juni

Filisite Brash Why Alone Star på bordet Vejen 120616 hjemmesidenFilisite Brash why Alone Star på græs Vejen 120616 hjemmesiden




3 days in Vejen at the DKK International Dogshow. Every 3 days it was the most wonerfull sunshine, it was lovely. We had a great weekend. All 3 days we were judged by terrier specialists, that was great.

1. day Fiilisite Brash Why Alone Star got exelent under judge Juha Palosaari from Finland

2. day she was placed 3. in the female competition and got CAC under judge Vesa Lehtonen from Finland

3. day she was placed 2. in the female competition and got CAC under judge Liz Cartledge

I'm so proud and happy, it was a great weekend.  Thanks to Martin Krægpøth for taking the pictures.




Puppies ultimo June

Great News.....we are expecting puppies ultimo June. Mating between: Multi champion Nicla Zeta Pisces & German  Junior Ch., VDH German Junior CH., KFT Junior CH., Junior CH. Netherlands, Junior CH. Luxemburg, Amsterdam Junior Winner, VDH European Juior Ch. Stallwarth's Games of Thrones


Multich. Nicla Zeta Pisces                                                                                                                         Stallwarth Games of Thrones


Zeta hjemmesiden maj 2014Stalwart Games of Thrones hel

DTK national show in Haarlev 290516

Danish Terrier Club, National Show on Sunday, another sunny day, Fairview Farahmir  (Filisite Brash Kingly Step & Be My Valentine Terra Alite) was placed second in the Male Competition. Skott, as he is called at home, does'nt live in my house, but he is such a fine and powerfull male, that his breeder and I, together with his owner have decided to show him a little this year. And it is a pleasure.

Breeder: Gitte Due, kennel Fairview

Handler and groomer: Jane Juel Hansen, kennel Nicla

Owner: Tine Wibolt

Scott Haarlev 290516 hjemmesiden


DTK national show Haarlev 280916

At a sunny saturday at Danish Terrier Clubs National Show Filisite Brash Why Alone Star won the Junior competition and in the Main Ring she was placed as number 4 in the Juniorcompetition all terriers. Judge was Frank Kane from GB.

Haarlev 280516 Why hjemmesiden          Haarlev 280516 BIS junior 4. Judge Frank Kane hjemmesidenIt was really a wonderfull day

DKK National show 15. maj in Køge

Gitte Due, kenneel Fairview,  and I decided last year to show a male from her breeding. Fairview Faramihr (Filisite Brash Kingly Step & Be My Valentine Terra Alite). We talked about it to his family, and they were very proud. We maked out a plan for grooming and showing in 2016.

As everyone knows it is'nt easy to show a dog not living in your own house, but we decided to do it. And it has been a succes. He has been shown twice at official shows: In Roskilde, where he got his first CAC and now in Køge where he got the second. We are so happy and also very proud together with his family

In Køge he won the breed and was BOB, it was a strong competition with the entrie of 27 scotties. Later he was placed as number 3 in the Terrier Group in the Main Ring.

Judge in the breed competition was Elena Agafonova, and judge in the Main Ring was Piotr Krol.


Køge 150516 Kopi


At the same show in Køge Fiisite Brash Why Alone Star won the Junnior class, BOS and CAC. So at that show I got both the: BOB nd the BOS. Thaat was quite a day :-)



Dortmund den 7. og 8. maj 2016

At the international dogshow in Dortmund Filisite Brash Why Alone Star won the Junior class and the title VDH-Europa-Jugendsieger. She also won qualifikation for Cruft's and CAC. All together for breederspecialist Dan Ericsson from Sweden. It was such a great day. I travelled with Julie Hasselby and we enjoyed the stay very much meeting so many scotties friends.

The next day Why again won the Junior class and a new title VDH-Frühjahrs-Jugndsieger, together with CAC

VDH Europa Jugendsieger 2016 Filisite Brash Why Alone Star KopiDan Ericsson examinating Why Kopi

Malmø 20. marts 2016

hjemmesiden best bitch Malmø 2016 KopiInternational dogshow in Sweden, Malmø. Judge Beattie colm. Filisite Brash Why Alone Star enterede in Juniorclass

She won the Juniorclass and was second best bitch in the female competition.








hjemmesiden just before entrance DSC 1017 KopiReady for the ring. Just before entering the Juniorclass

Amsterdam Winner 2015

Amsterdam sunday Filisite Brash Kingly Step hjemmesiden

Last dogshow abroad this year was Holland Cup and Amsterdam Winner 2015. We did'nt get any titles, but I hope, that I got some new friends from USA. I spend a great time together with Vandra Huber, Dorene Cross and Rebekka Cross. Nicla Zeta Pisces took part in the bitch competition together with Mcvan's to Russia with Love, Knopa, it was great to se here again, she is marvellous. Later sunday evening, I was present at the Eucanuba Challenge Show together with Julie Hasselby, kennel Black Thistle.



Pictures of Filisite Brash Kingly Step in the male competition at the Amstrdam Winner Show. At the line behind Step you can se his father Tamzin Mr. Prospecter.

Amsterwinner 2015 Step and his father hjemmesiden

Amsterdam Eukanuba World Challange Show, Mcvan's to Russia with Love, breeder Vandra Huber, handler and groomer Rebekka Cross, owner Marina Khenkina, she won second place.


Amsterdam Eukanuba World Challenge 2015


Billund november 2015

At the national show in Danish Terrier Club the 21. and 22. of november Filisite Brash Why Alone Star won the Junior class both days, and on saturday she was BIS 3 in the Juniorclass.

On sunday she won the last Junior CAC and the title DTK Junior Champion. Course to the weather we had to drive home early and did'nt participate in the Main ring.


hjemmesiden Billund why



Rostock september 2015

I have traveled a lot in Germany this year working to get two German Champions, and at last in Rostock we succeded, one year and several days after the first CAC, and also after a lot of CAC. Both Filisite Brash Kingly Step and Nicla Zeta Pisces was VDH and KFT Champions, that was great. For a log time we have had all the certificates, but we missed 1 day, when we participated in the show in Bremen, very bad luck.

The fortune was with us in Rostock Step won BOB, Zeta wos second best female, and Why won the juniorclass. Yes correct...I was happy and proud. Breedspecialist Lillian Lleton was the judge.

Sekond day at the international dogshow Step won BOS


Filisite Brash Kingly Step Rostock

Filisite Brash Why Alone Star Rostock

Nicla Zeta Pisces Rostock





European Dog Show in Oslo

One of the greatest moment in 2015 was winning the European Dog Show in Oslo under breedspecialist Liz Cartledge from GB. For the second time Filisite Brash Kingly Step won the title European Winner 2015. The breed had 44 entries. It was such a great moment.

And our Nicla Zeta Pisces won the champion class (with 11 entries) but was at last beaten, so she ended as second best bitch.

And the next day at the Terrier Speciality under breedspecialist Dan Ericsson he won the breed again. I was totally overwhelmed. Filisite Brash Why Alone Star won puppy class and ended BIS 1 in the puppy class.

Europavinder 2015 Filiste Brash Kingly Step Kopi

New Danish Champion

Last august I went to Varde. I brought 2 of our dogs with me, Hampus (Nicla Gamma Pisces) and Why (Filisite Brash Why Alone Star). Hampus is owned by Karina and Lennart Lindblom. At this show he won the last CAC and became Danish Champion. I was so proud.


100515 hjemmesiden bedste IMG 0168 Kopi

Bornholm 2015

Filisite Brash Why Alone Star our new member in the team won BIS puppy at Bornholm in 2015, judge was Kresten Scheel

BIS hvalp Bornholm 2015 Kopi

Nicla Gamma Pisces

DTK Terrier Festival 2015

Så er der nedtælling til DTK store Terrier Festival show i 2015 i Svendborg. 3 udstillinger på 2 dage. Det bliver fantastisk, vejret bliver godt, vi skal være sammen med gode venner, og vi skal i skarp konkurrence i ringen, hvor 30 skotter er tilmeldt. Vi melder os så klar og vil stå på tåspidserne alle 3 shows. Nicla Gamma Pisces har været til "make over" i dag og melder sig også klar til at møde rivalerne.

140715 bedste facebook IMG 0045 3 Kopi

National Dogshow in Lübeck

At the national dogshow in Lübck the 12 of july we had great results. Filisite Brash Kingly Step won BOB and best shorlegged terrier, that was really wonderfull. Nicla Zeta Pisces, his daughter, won BOS. The judge was Mette Sørum from Denmrk, terrierspecialist. It was a wonderfull and a great day.



IMG 0037

 IMG 0044



jc jenny3Du skal nu vælge den kiropraktor, hvor du ønsker at få foretaget dine behandlinger. I den forbindelse beder vi dig være opmærksom på, at din behandlingsforsikring kun dækker normal- behandlinger. Behandlinger som fx massage, chokbølgebehandling eller lignende er ikke dækket. Se stamtavle

Bremen 2015

In the first weekend of august I went to Bremen with 2 dogs. The 1. of august Filisite Brash Kingly Step was BOB under judge Rajic Branislav, he wrote "strong and masculin. Beautiful head, strong neck and shulders, exellent ribcage...very well balanced alle over "

Later in the day he was second in BIG. It was a wonderful day.

Bremen 00815


 bremen 010815 main ring 2

















Nicla Zeta Pisces was BOS. Unfortunately there is no pictures of her.

Sunday Step did it again under judge Günther Ehrenreich, he won BOB, and again Zeta won BOS.

Bremen 020815 Denise


Here together with my very good friend Denise, her male went second best male. Photo by A. Tomeij.

Crufts 2015

crufts part of the Open class The absolute greatest experience in the year 2015 was participaiting i Crufts with Filisite Brash Kingly Step and Nicla Zeta Pisces. There were 107 sccottie entries for the judge Mr. G. Corish. It was the second time I was there, and I can say for sure, it is not the last. Going in the ring on the green carpet, with a lot of scottie entusiast at the ringside, that gives you a kick.

Last year I was half craying, Step won reserve in the male class, and I though it can't be better, but it did. 2015 was great for me and Step. It was a very strong competition, but at last Step was placed as 3. best male, I nearly could'nt be in my body. I was and am so proud, happy and overwhelmed.

I need to present more than one photo.   

crufts 2015 Filisite Brash Kingly Step













Nicla Zeta Pisces part of open bitch And the last photo shows Nicla Zeta Pisces in Open Class bitch with 11 entries. She was'nt pick out, but I think she did it well.







Nicla Skotsk TerrierHaarlev den 1. juni 2014 DTK nationale udstilling. Jeg modtog på denne udstilling pokal for bedste terrier trim. En meget stor ære og ganske overvældende. Tak til dommer Dodo Sandahl for de meget fine ord, hun ledsagede overrækkelsen med.


Filisite Brash Kingly Step BIS 3 i Haarlev.

Årets Skotske terrier nr 1 2013 og Årets terrier nr 2 i Dansk Terrier Klub: Filisite Brash Kingly Step.

Nicla Skotsk Terrier

Årets Skotske terrier n2 2 2013: Nicla Zeta Pisces. Hun har i 2013 fået ialt 12 Cert'er, det er ikke så dårligt, når man bare er 21 mdr. i november.
Foto: Martin Krægpøth.

Nicla Skotsk Terrier
aarets skotte nr 1 og 2 2013 pokaler og rosetter kopi

Bornholm 2013 DTK's udstilling Nicla Zeta Pisces BIM under dommer Henrik Johansson. Foto Ole Karpf.
Nicla Skotsk Terrier

Alle billeder fra Norge er taget af Kirsti Kahrs.
Norsk Terrier Klub søndag den 9. juni. Nicla Zeta Pisces BIR
Nicla Skotsk Terrier

Terrierspecialen i Norge lørdag den 8. juni, Letohallen. Filisite Brash Kingly Step, BIS 2


Terrierspecialen i Oslo, Letohallen, lørdag den 8. juni Filisite Brash Kingly Step BIR/BOB

Nicla Skotsk Terrier

3 dages udstilling i Budapest. CACIB udstilling, WDS, og til sidst Interra. På alle 3 udstillinger blev vores hunde placeret mellem de 4 første i deres klasser. Det har været og er stadig helt ufatteligt. Det er vores 4 Verdenshundeudstilling. Den første var i 2003 i Dortmund, hvor Nicla Korona placerede sig som 2. bedste tæve i championklassen, samme år vandt hun Alnarp udstillingen som den første skotte uden for Sverige. 10 år senere i Budapest opnår vi de meget meget flotte placeringer, der er omtalt på forsiden alle 3 dage.
Billedet er sendt til os fra kennel Verascott, Christine og Sylvie Hovagimyan i Frankrig.

Nicla Skotsk Terrier

Christine Hovagimyan viser Tamzin Mr. Prospector i championklassen (Steps far) lige efter Filisite Brash Kingly Step. Interra show i Budapest

Nicla Skotsk Terrier

Nicla Zeta Pisces på WDS show i Budapest. Bedste junior nr. 3.  Foto Lonny og Martin Krægpøth

Nicla Skotsk Terrier

WDS 2013 Budapest juniorklassen 1 - 3 med dommer Walter Jungblut. Foto Lonny og Martin Krægpøth


Amsterdam Winner Show den 24. november 2012. Filisite brash Kingly Step blev placeret som nummer 2 i Åben klasse. Fantastisk dag.

Nicla Skotsk Terrier

Udstilling den 18. november i Hedensted. Nicla Zeta BIS puppy.

Nicla Skotsk Terrier

Udstilling i august i Haarlev, dommer Cristian Stefanescu. Filisite Brash Kingly Step blev BIR.

Nicla Skotsk Terrier

Nicla Skotsk Terrier

Internatinal udstilling i Ballerup. Nicla X-Libra fik sit 9. CACIB og blev hun International Champion. Nu venter vi blot på de officielle papirer, så vi også kan føje titlen til hendes stambog.

Nicla Skotsk Terrier

International udstilling i Roskilde (DKK) Step blev BIM om lørdagen med Cert og CACIB, det var helt fantastisk. Nicla Libra blev begge dage placeret som 2. bedste tæve i BEDST i Køn. En forrygende weekend. Billedet viser Step
De mest fantastiske udstillingsdage er nu overstået. DTK udstilling i Haarlev. Nicla Ydun blev Dansk Champion, og Filisite Brash Kingly Step blev bedste junior og endte i de afsluttende konkurrencer med at blive Best in Show i juniorgruppen, dette skete om lørdagen. Søndag blev Nicla Ydun udstillet i championklasse for første gang og placerede sig som nummer 3 i Bedst i køn. Step gjorde det igen, og i dag søndag fik han også CERT. Han blev BIS junior nummer 1. Stor tak til dommerne Gertrud Hagström og Wera Hübenthal. Billede af Step ses herover, taget af Ole Karpf. Vi er helt rundt på gulvet efter sådan nogle fantastiske udstillingsdage.
Vi har i dag den 3. maj haft besøg af Mogens fra Faaborg, familien skal have lille Zaki. Han blev yderst populær, da han gav ostehapser.

Nicla Skotsk Terrier

150412  De fik en "kødbakke" at lege med. Det var sjovt, meget sjovere end alt legetøjet.

Nicla Skotsk TerrierNicla Skotsk Terrier

Hvalpene efter Nicla Urania og Filisite Brash Kingly Step.


Nicla Skotsk Terrier

Sidste nye billede af Filisite Brash Kingly Step fra 17. december 2011. Han er nu 1 år gammel.

Nicla Skotsk Terrier

Dansk Terrier Klub udstilling i Hobro søndag den 16. oktober. Her bliver vi klar over, at vi har vundet titlen: Årets opdrætter 2011. Armene er højt hævet og glæden kan ikke skjules.

Nicla Skotsk Terrier

Dansk Terrier Klub udstilling i Hobro søndag den 16. oktober Nicla Ydun Bedste tæve 3. Kennel Nicla besatte 1., 2., og 3. pladsen i konkurrencen Bedst i Køn. Linda førte Ydde frem til denne placering. Stor tak for hjælpen i weekenden.

Nicla Skotsk Terrier

En fantastisk udstillingsweekend for kennel Nicla. Årets opdrætter i DTK 2011. Nicla X-Libra BIM både i Års den 15. oktober og i Hobro den 16. oktober. Kennel Nicla fik på DTK's udstilling i Hobro placeret 3 tæver i Bedst i Køn, som nummer 1, 2 og 3. Nicla Young deltog for første gang på en officiel udstilling og fik sit første cert. Stort til lykke. Perhafps Savage Garden blev Bedste Champion og nummer 2 i Bedst i Køn. (Nicla Young ejes af Trine Lund Jacobsen i Asaa)
Flere billeder vil følge efter.

Søndag den 18. september 2011 DKK udstilling. Nicla X-Lupus Bedste han 3, Nicla X-Libra Bedste Tæve 2, Filistite Brash Kingly Step Bedste junior. I sandhed en forrygende weekend.
Nicla Skotsk Terrier

Dansk Terrier Klub udstilling i Hedensted den 17. september. Niclad X-Lupus blev BIR og Nicla X-Libra blev BIM. Nicla Ydun blev bedste juniro. Filisite Brash Kingly Step deltog for første gang på en dansk udstilling i officiel klasse og blev Bedste junior han med CERT. 10 mdr gammel. Billedet ovenfor viser Filisite Brash Kingly Step.
Herunder se Beste junior Filisite Brash Kingly Step og Nicla Ydun. Tak til Lonny Krægpøth for hjælpen

Nicla Skotsk Terrier

Europaudstilling i Holland den 1. september: Nicla Ydun blev nummer 2 i juniorklassen med exellent, Nicla X-Libra blev nummer 4 i championklassen med exellent. Perhaps Savage Garden fik exellent men blev ikke placeret i klassen.
CAC udstilling den 3. september. Filisite Brash Kingley Step blev bedste junior i sin klasse med exellent, Perhaps Savage Garden blev nummer 4 i championklassen med exellent, Nicla X-Libra blev nummer 3 i championklassen med exellent og Nicla Ydun blev nummer 3 i juniorklassen uden exellent.
Vi er stolte over resultaterne ved disse to store internationale udstillinger.
Vi håber at der kommer billeder som vi kan vise på siden.

Bornholm 2011
Søndag den 3. juli DKK udstilling. Store Ring, hvalpe. Dommer Ole Staunskjær kigger på Filisite Brash Kingly Step. Step bliver placeret som BIS 3, helt fantastisk.

Nicla Skotsk Terrier

Igen en helt fantastisk udstillingsweekend for kennel Nicla. Dansk Terrier Klub lørdag den 2. juli. Dommer Siewert Falk Ruediger. Nicla X-Libra blev BIR, Nicla Ydun bedste junior og BIS 4, Filisite Brash Kingly Step bedste hvalp og BIS 1. Nicla X-Lupus bedste champion og BIK 2.

Nicla Skotsk Terrier

Nicla X-Lupus fremvist af Linda.
Nicla Skotsk Terrier

Nicla Ydun DTK udstilling på Bornholm, BIS 4 junior.
Nicla Skotsk Terrier

Nicla Skotsk Terrier

DKCH, SECH, NOCH Nicla X-Libra er i dag på DKK's udstilling blevet Københavvinder og BIM. Ogaå i går på DTK udstilling blev hun BIM.
De to dommere var Mieke jansen-Karlshoven fra Holland og Gert Christensen fra Danmark.
Flere billeder fra de to udstillinger vil blive lagt på, når jeg modtager dem.
foo Robert Pedersen.
Nicla Skotsk Terrier
Nicla Skotsk Terrier

Perhaps Savage Garden bedømmes i Valby den 19. juni 2011 af dommer Gert Christensen
I maj og juni måned har vi været på udstilling i Sverige og Norge. Det er gået rigtig godt og begge hunde har opnået titel af Svensk og Norsk Champion. Perhaps Savage Garden og Nicla X-Libra er nu begge Nordiske Champion.
Billedet er fra udstillingen i Drammen.
Nicla Skotsk Terrier

DTK opdrætsklassen i Helsingør den 7. maj. Bedste opdrætsklasse Kennel Nicla
Nicla Skotsk Terrier

DKK udstillingen i Hillerød den 8. maj 2011
Nicla Ydun fik CK kvalitet i juniorklassen. Hun er efterhånden ved at vænne sig til udstillingen.
DKCH Nicla X-Libra blev BIK 2
DKCH Nicla X-Lupus blev BIK 3, handlet meget flot af Linda
DKCH Perhaps Savage Garden blev BIK 2
Nicla Ydun, juniorklassen Store ring DTK udstiilingen i Hårlev 200311.
Nicla Skotsk Terrier

Udstilling i Hårlev den 19. marts 2011
DKCH Perhaps Savage Garden blev BIR og DKCH Nicla X-Libra blev BIM på DTK udstilling i Hårlev den 19. marts 2011 under dommer Goran Gladic.
DKCH Nicla X-Libra Best in Show DTK udstillingen i Hedensted søndag den 13. februar.
Nicla X-Libra Dansk Champion og Bedst i Racen under dommer Kari Järvinen lørdag den 12. februar DKK udstillingen i Fredericia.
Nicla Skotsk Terrier

Nicla Ydun, 9 mdr. fik sit første cert under dommer Hanne Laine på DTK udstillingen i Fredericia. Hun blev senere Best in Show nummer 4 i juniorklassen under dommer Bojan Matakovic.
Nicla Skotsk Terrier

Nicla X-Lupus fik sit 2. cert
Nicla Skotsk Terrier

290111 Tina og Ole har været her fra Bornholm. De havde begge hundene med og Ole fik taget nogle rigtig flotte billeder i haven af Nicla X-Lupus.
Nicla Skotsk Terrier

Udstillingen i Göteborg den 6. og 7. januar 2011 blev en succes for kennel Nicla. Vi deltog med 2 hunde. Nicla X-Libra der begge dage blev placeret som 2. bedste tæve og fik 2 x RESERVECACIB. Fredagen blev afsluttet med Cert.
Nicla Ydun deltog for første gang i juniorklasse. Torsdag med CK kvalitet og fredag med 1. præmie med HP kvalitet.
Det var bestemt rejsen værd.
Vi håber snart at have nye billeder af Nicla Ydun.


Parring og hvalpe
Parringen resulterede i 8 hvalpe. 4 hanner og 4 tæver.
Nicla Urania er den 3. oktober blevet parret med Peabar Easy Money (Sansibility Spy Who Loved Me & Mylegend Amazing at Peabar). Den 3. december fik Nia 8 hvalpe, 4 hanner og 4 tæver. Er du interesseret så kontakt os på mail eller telefon. Hvalpene vil kunne rejse hjemmefra til nye familier i starten af februar 2011.

Her ses Peabar Easy Money sommeren 2010
Nicla Skotsk Terrier

Nicla Urania
Nicla Skotsk Terrier

Sponsorudstillingen i Års og DTK udstilling i Hobro den 16. og 17. oktober 2010
Perhaps Savage Garden vandt cert begge dage og opnåede således titlen af Dansk Champion 19 mdr. gammel. det var en stor dag.
Nicla Skotsk Terrier

Alle vores hunde blev bedømt med exellent og lørdag blev Nicla X-Libra placeret som nummer 4 i BIK konkurrencen.
Som det ses på forsiden havde vi succes i opdrætsklassen begge dage. Søndag var det svært at få armene ned.

Sofiero i Sverige den 11. september
Nicla Skotsk Terrier

Dommer Hans -Erhard Grüttner kunne lide skotterne fra kennel Nicla. Det blev til to cert'er til kennelens hunde. Nicla X-Lupus vandt sit første svenske cert og reservecacib flot handlet af Ole Karpf. Nicla X-Libra fik ligeledes sit første svenske Cert. Nicla Urania blev BIK 4, handlet til placeringen af Ole, der for første gang måtte bide skeer med damerne i ringen. Tak for hjælpen.
Billedet viser Nicla X-Libra.

Verdensudstillingen, årets største udstillingsbegivenhed.
Nicla Skotsk TerrierNicla X-Lupus (foto: Tenna og Mirko Ramskov)
Kennel Nicla havde 3 hunde med alle dagene. Nicla X-Lupus, ejet og handlet af Ole Karpf. Exellent de to af dagene og om lørdagen på vores raceudstilling placeret som nummer 2 i mellemklassen. Det er rigtig flot gået mellem så mange smukke hunde.
Nicla Urania og Nicla X- Libra fik Exellent alle 3 dage og de to af dagene på raceudstillingen og DTK's udstilling blev de begge placeret i deres klasser, Nia blev begge dage nummer 4 i Championklassen
Nicla Skotsk Terrier

Nicla Urania 260610
Libra blev begge dage nummer 3 i mellemklassen.
Nicla Skotsk Terrier

Nicla X-Libra
Vi er meget stolte og tilfredse.
Kennel Nicla vandt opdrætsklassen både lørdag og søndag. Billedet ses på forsiden.
Det har været Store Forberedelsesdag i dag
I næste weekend skal vi til udstilling i Helsingør og Hillerød, så i denne weekend skal alle hundene gennem skønhedssalonen og gøres flot i stand.
Først kom Perhaps Savage  Garden, Marco. Som altid en stor fornøjelse at gøre denne hund i stand. Han har en fantastisk pels og outline, det er en stor glæde.
Nicla -Lupus
Så kom Ole fra Bornholm med Nicla X-Lupus og alt sit nye fotoudstyr, der skulle trimmes, snakkes og fotograferes. En stor fornøjelse at se Nicla X-Libra og Nicla X-Lupus ved siden af hinanden. Ingen er i tvivl om, at de er søskende, og med et tydeligt kønspræg. sådan synes vi det skal være. Dejligt at Tina og Ole har fået  lyst til at være en så aktiv del af vores gruppe. Der blev taget et væld af billeder. Nogle ser I på disse sider i dag, nogle gemmes til senere brug.
Nicla Skotsk Terrier

Nixla X-Libra
foto som de øvrige: Ole Karpf.

Nicla Skotsk Terrier

Nicla X-Libra
Nicla Skotsk Terrier

I weekenden den 20. og 21. marts var der udstilling i Hårlev, begge dage DTK. Vi havde en forrygende weekend. Nicla X-Libra fik 2 cert'er, blev om lørdagen placeret som BIS junior 1.
Om søndagen blev Nicla Urania BIM.
Nicla Skotsk Terrier

Begge dage blev vi placeret som nummer 2 i BIS konkurrencerne med vores opdræt.
Desuden udstillede vi Perhaps Savage Garden, opdrættet af Velli-Pekka Kumpumäki, Finland og ejet af Inge og Sten Asboe.
Han Havde en fantastisk debut og vi gldæder os allerede til at præsentere ham ved kommende shows.
På billedet ses Marco som han kaldes tidl daglig.

Nicla Skotsk Terrier