Crufts 2018, the worlds largest dogshow....and I was there for the 3. time with dogs, it is a fantastic experience and also unforgettable. To participate the dogs have to be qualified, and so did both Filisite Brash Why alone Star and Nicla Zeta Juno Azumi.

115 scotties entered for judge Mrs. Falconer.

I'm still totally overwhelmed

Nicla Zeta Juno Azumi entered Post Graduate Clas, and was second best. I'm so proud and happy, he showed his socks off.


original Zumo nr 2 Post Graduate Kopi

           Zumo Post Graduate Crufts 2018










 and Filisite Brash Why Alone Star entered Open Class and was placed as number 4. It was marvellous.   You can read more in my little story about my trip to Birmingham, but it is only in danish :-)


Filisite brash why Alone Star høj beskåret juli 17 Kopi

                         IMG 20180309 154556