I have traveled a lot in Germany this year working to get two German Champions, and at last in Rostock we succeded, one year and several days after the first CAC, and also after a lot of CAC. Both Filisite Brash Kingly Step and Nicla Zeta Pisces was VDH and KFT Champions, that was great. For a log time we have had all the certificates, but we missed 1 day, when we participated in the show in Bremen, very bad luck.

The fortune was with us in Rostock Step won BOB, Zeta wos second best female, and Why won the juniorclass. Yes correct...I was happy and proud. Breedspecialist Lillian Lleton was the judge.

Sekond day at the international dogshow Step won BOS


Filisite Brash Kingly Step Rostock

Filisite Brash Why Alone Star Rostock

Nicla Zeta Pisces Rostock