crufts part of the Open class The absolute greatest experience in the year 2015 was participaiting i Crufts with Filisite Brash Kingly Step and Nicla Zeta Pisces. There were 107 sccottie entries for the judge Mr. G. Corish. It was the second time I was there, and I can say for sure, it is not the last. Going in the ring on the green carpet, with a lot of scottie entusiast at the ringside, that gives you a kick.

Last year I was half craying, Step won reserve in the male class, and I though it can't be better, but it did. 2015 was great for me and Step. It was a very strong competition, but at last Step was placed as 3. best male, I nearly could'nt be in my body. I was and am so proud, happy and overwhelmed.

I need to present more than one photo.   

crufts 2015 Filisite Brash Kingly Step













Nicla Zeta Pisces part of open bitch And the last photo shows Nicla Zeta Pisces in Open Class bitch with 11 entries. She was'nt pick out, but I think she did it well.