It has'nt only been a year with good show results, it has also been a year with lots of tears. I had to say goodby to two of my beloved dogs, not that they are dead, but it has been so hard, that they are not in my gang any longer. But I'm so lucky, that two very good scottie families now take care of them both, and they both come her for grooming :-)  My Filisite Brash Why alone Star was mated this spring but she was empty, instead of puppies she got a very serious inflamation in uterus, she had an operation and everything was removed, it was so sad and I was broken down. 

My own breed and my Junior World Winner 2017 Nicla Zeta Juno Azumi developed an underhung jaw when he was 18 month old, I have cried so much and hoped that it would change, but it did'nt. It was'nt much, but it was there. 

Now both Why and Zumo is staying in their new families, and they are very happy with the new life.

It is not easy to be a breeder.......

Life change and in October I got a new member in my scottiefamily, thanks a lot to Valentina Popova, kennel Filisite Brash for letting me take care of this wonderful little bitch.

I say welcome to Missi, she fits very well in my gang. She is now 20 month old